Following are a list of products our company provides:

- Pillow Charcoal
- Sawdust-Log
- Eco Bricks
- Charcoal Briquettes
- Bamboo Charcoal
- Charcoal Fine
- Charcoal Granules
- Lump Wood Charcoal

Products Description

Pillow Charcoal

Our pillow charcoal gives even heat distribution during burning.




Compressed dried sawdust - an inexhaustable source of pure energy with ideal burning qualities.

Eco Bricks

Organic briquette made of wood waste.
The regular shape of the Eco Bricks makes them easy to stack and palletise, thereby saving warehousing space and logistic cost.

Round Shape  

Octagen Shape

Charcoal Briquette

This high density wood charcoal briquette is neat and mess free. As fuel, it has higher heat and lasts longer than ordinary charcoal. It is suitable for household use both indoor and outdoor.

Bamboo Charcoal

Ideal for domestic cooking

Charcoal Fine

High quality, finely ground wood charcoal. It is also raw material for making activated carbon which is used in industrial chemicals, brewing, water pruification, glucose refininf, monosodium glutamate refining, sugar refining, pharmaceuticals. etc.

Charcoal Granules

Charcoal granules are perfect raw material for making activated carbon which are used in gas adsorption, water purification, solvent reclaimation, industrial chemicals, vinyl catalyst, etc.




Lumpwood Charcoal

Ideal for barbeque or domestic cooking.